Genica Portable MP3/CD Player

The MPTrip is a [relatively] inexpensive portable audio player that plays CD-ROM discs [in the ISO 9660 format used by most computers] containing mp3-encoded audio files. It also plays [regular] audio compact discs, including those written with a CD-R or CD-RW. It is made by a rather obscure manufacturer, though it does seem to play well. It may be purchased from the following retailers: If your computer is not already capable of playing mp3 audio, offers a helpful list of software players.

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Using directory mode

If you already have the MPTrip, you know that the manual is incomplete and poorly-written. One of the most useful features of the MPTrip is its directory mode; it is difficult to go between songs and directories without it. Yet this feature is one of the most poorly documented. I was able to make it work, thanks in part to the instructions at EasyBuy2000. (If you are unfamiliar with the MPTrip, directory mode restricts playback to a given directory; once its songs have been played, the player will shut off immediately.)

Entering directory mode

When directory mode is enabled, you should be able to scroll through a hierarchical list of directories. If the middle set of numbers stops blinking, the player might not allow you to scroll through the list. It may take some time to get used to due to the small size of the display; the player cannot display the directory structure as a tree. Within any directory, the player assigns numbers to subdirectories in the order they were recorded (always from 1 to n, regardless of hierarchy level).

Note: When you enter directory mode, your initial "working directory" will be the one in which the currently playing song is located.

Changing between directories

To climb up to the parent directory

To crawl down to a child directory

Changing between songs

Once you have selected your "working directory", its contents will be played in the order they were recorded to the CD-ROM. As always, those misplaced "preview" and "next" buttons retain their usual function.


Printing a list of songs

Note: In its default mode, my MPTrip did not number songs in the order that I would have expected. This problem does not occur in directory mode, however.

In a posting to the bboard, LorenR suggested that Adaptec Easy CD Creator allows you to make the problem go away by selecting View-->Show File Ordering.

In Unix

If your CD-ROM mount point is /mnt/cdrom, try:
mount /mnt/cdrom ; find /mnt/cdrom -type f -printf %f\\n | nl > playlist.txt

If GNU findutils and textutils are installed, playlist.txt will contain a numbered playlist.


Courtesy of EasyBuy2000. If your CD-ROM is drive D, try:
tree D:\ /f > playlist.txt
dir D:\ /s /b > playlist.txt

In Windows

Consider downloading mp3report

David Parker has written a remarkable open-source program that makes playlists based on HTML templates. It requires the Perl scripting language, though I feel it is worth the trouble. I have included a few modifications I made to the program that make it less difficult to use directory mode (though you should download the original version anyway; the author's documentation and sample templates are helpful):


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